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    St Stephen-in-Brannel Parish Council  (Homepage)

    Cornwall Council  (Homepage)

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    Local Policing  (Local Page)

    Local Weather including severe weather warnings

    Foxhole Social Club

    Do you want to quit smoking?

    Minor Injury Units  (Locations and Waiting Times)

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Transport Links

    Cornwall Public Transport

        Cornwall Public Transport Information website

    First Kernow Buses  

        (Routes 21 St Austell / Newquay & 22 St Austell / Truro
         stop outside the Village Green by request)

    Next bus times from Foxhole from

        Scroll down to below the map to see the times of buses from local
        Unfortunately this link may not work on some mobile phones where it
          may be a chargeable app.

    GWR Great Western Railway  (Tickets, Fares and Timetables)
        (nearest mainline station is St Austell)

    Cross Country Trains  (Tickets, Fares and Timetables)

        (nearest mainline station is St Austell)

    Road Traffic Information  from Devon and Cornwall Police


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